The big problem with adult social sites should be so obvious that even a blind person can see it. Of course, I’m not talking about the tremendous amount of idiots at such sites or good quality hookup site like You know exactly what I’m talking about. These are dudes who just waste your time by pretending to be women. The worst forms of these guys are actually the ones who are trying to spam you. That’s right, they pretend to be women and they lead you on and they give you all sorts of URLs to click. The moment you click on that URL, a spyware is loaded on your computer. The moment you click on that website link, you are taken to some adult dating site that charges you an arm and a leg.

The problem with spammers is the basic fact that they’re everywhere. In fact, they are like the herpes sores of online adult dating. You can’t shake them off. It seems like whenever an adult dating platform, be it a website or a mobile dating app you download and install becomes popular, spammers show up. Nine times out of ten the vast majority of the population in any kind of dating platform are actually automated accounts. They’re not even flesh and blood human beings. I mean, it would be nice if the account was actually managed by a chick who is an outsourced employee in the Philippines or India. In many cases, it’s actually run by software so you can be laying down your best lines and nothing’s happening because it’s a software you’re dealing with.

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This is why adult social sites can be a headache. They really can, because they are infested with automated accounts and spammers. So, consider yourself warned. Don’t become another sad sorry statistic of some lonely clown maxing out his credit card for pussy that doesn’t exist.